Vose 1.7 and Server 2.7 Release Notes

About This Release

Voyager Search is happy to announce the release of our latest version of Vose and updates to Voyager Server. This release includes: 

Major New Features: 

Support for New Data Formats  

Voyager Search has added support for new geology and mining formats, including Vmine (.com), Datamine (.dm), Geovia surpac [(Surpac Block Model Files (.mdl), Surpac DTM Files (.dtm), Surpac String Polylines (.str]), Seequent leapfrog geofiles (.lfdata) and Micromine (.str, .dat, .tridb and .bdb).

Improvements to Pipeline Steps

We’ve updated our pipeline steps to support multiple-value inputs when selecting a field and modifying its value. Users can store a variety of individual and unique values to a single field then do things like search and filter based on the created field. 

Ability to Execute Multiple Processing Steps Simultaneously 

The processing framework performance has been improved to allow multiple processes to execute simultaneously. Administrators can configure the number of concurrent processes based on their machine configuration and customer requirements. 

Additional Improvements Made To:

  • Updates made to mime-types to accurately display file format names under the Format filter 


  • Support for Temporary Tokens with the S3 connector

  • Support for Certificate Authentication with the S3 connector 

  • UI improvements field selectors for display templates 

Bug Fixes Include: 


  • Issue with “has metadata” field value not being correctly indexed for various file types 

  • Wrong UI feedback displayed when user enters incorrect username and/or password


  • Fixes for the JS connector include:

    • Issue with the JS connector not loading 

    • When multiple JS pipeline steps are configured, only the last pipeline step was listed on the UI

    • When multiple JS pipeline steps were configured, only the first pipeline step was executed 

  • Error with SetValue pipeline step incorrectly indexing ‘group type’ as string

  • Indexing errors when indexing Sharepoint online sites using Oauth authentication

  • Issue with slow response times for Flex Index when calculating extent.bbox via Heatmap

  • Issue with SDE extractor generating multiple non-existing duplicates 

  • Solr connector failing to pick up new repositories without a full repository rebuild 

  • Metadata not getting extracted from MrSid files 

  • Issue with Details page not loading for Flex Index 

  • Indexing stall issue with spatial datasets 

  • Thumbnails not being drawn for certain WMS layers