Vose 1.8 and Server 2.8 Release Notes

About This Release

 Voyager Search is happy to announce the release of our latest version of Vose and updates to Voyager Server. This release includes: 

Major New Features: 

Support for ArcGIS Pro Formats  

  • Voyager Search has added support for new ArcGIS Pro layer files (.lyrx) and ArcGIS Pro project files (.aprx). This is the first iteration of this feature. Our development team continues to work on improvements which will be included in upcoming releases.

Support for QGIS File Formats  

  • We’ve added extractors to support indexing for QGZ project files (QGIS or QGS) and QLR layer files.

New Features Added to Navigo’s Basemap  

  • Users can now overlay commercial or organizational specific basemaps on the Voyager basemap to optimize the end user search experience. 

New Pipeline Steps and Features Added to HQ  

  • XPATH selectors are now available in HQ to extract data from metadata sources like .XML and embedded EXIF headers.

  • New HQ pipeline step allows users to set tags, flags and ratings. 

  • We’ve created new  mode options under the Move/Copy fields pipeline steps that gives users options like AppendOverwrite and Skip if Exists 

Additional Improvements Made To:

  • Updates to the default WMS basemap 


  • Improvements to datamine file format support from 1.7 release

  • Updates to the PostgreSQL / PostGIS connector **

Bug Fixes Include: 


  • Issue with the “Open” tool not working as expected 

  • Error creating saved searches with bounding boxes

  • Errors generated due to connection timeouts when accessing federated catalogs 

  • “Return to Search” option from the processing cart not retaining query parameters 

  • Issues using filter panel and keyword searches when searching for non-ASCII characters 


  • Issues with HQ and agent group hanging at the end of indexing

  • Error when setting values for the has Metadata field when using pipeline steps

  • Partially generated WMS thumbnails 

  • Error indexing from container root when indexing Microsoft Azure Blob Storage 

  • HQ issues accessing root UNC paths

  • Updates to the solr connector to fix:

    • Issues with dynamic geo fields getting dropped 

    • Connector not respecting HTTP client settings

    • UI components in the connector configuration settings

  • UI bugs with pipeline steps, solr connector, custom gazetteer etc.