Vose 1.6 and Server 2.6 Release Notes

About This Release

Voyager Search is happy to announce the release of our latest version of Vose and updates to Voyager Server. 

Major New Features: 

“More Like This” Enhancement 

A new configuration option under Saved Search allows users to make detailed configuration changes to how “more like this” relevancy is calculated. This allows users to more easily find indexed content similar to individual items or a group of items in a Saved Search. 

ElasticSearch Connector

This connector allows users to index ElasticSearch indexes and Kibana. Users are now also able to configure queries to limit and filter results from these indexes. 

Additional Improvements Made To:

  • Option to “View Full Geometry” from under the Tools dropdown on the Details page allowing users to see the detailed, non-generalized, geometry for features stored in the index. 

  • Ability to preview WMTS records and protected services on the Details page

  • Updates to Saved Search subscription notifications and other Saved Search features

  • Eliminating inconsistencies with thumbnail extraction for CAD files 

HQ Management Interface:

  • New option to remove unused fields from the index to make the Details Page more configurable 

  • Row and feature aggregation for the JDBC and AGOL connectors

  • Ability to add network drives, feature migrated from Voyager Server

  • Updates to ESRI ArcMap indexing to include relationships between map documents and layers 

  • Updates to thumbnail generation for 16-bit TIFF files 

  • Ability to read geo-references from headers of image files

  • Eliminating inconsistencies with thumbnail extraction for CAD files 

Bug Fixes Include:  


  • Errors when generating thumbnails for Lidar files 

  • Errors when using the Export Result List processing task with date range filters

  • Errors when using the Export Result List processing task when cart results are populated with non-ascii characters

  • Thumbnail errors when creating snapshots 

  • Bug causing HQ to not inherit ACL permissions for FileGDB data from parent FileGDB

  • Indexing of ArcGIS worker causing delays in HQ

  • Errors when subscribing to Saved Search email notifications  

  • Extraction queue errors that caused errors during startup

  • Errors when configuring ports for HQ with IIS 

  • Missing component files (.nit, .dat and .dir) for Esri Grid format

  • Missing component file (.idx) for Shapefiles 

  • Invalid paths and absolute paths for SDE items

  • Thumbnails not being rendered for Group layers and Sublayers in MXDs 

  • Errors when opening Server from HQ menu 

  • LibreOffice extractor causing indexing to stall


  • Error when transforming metadata fields for ArcGIS and ArcGIS Item_description formats

  • Missing child element icons on the Navigo Details Page