Vose 1.9 and Server 2.9 Release Notes

About This Release

Voyager Search is happy to announce the release of our latest version of Vose and updates to Voyager Server. This release includes:

Major New Features: 

Pulse, a New Analytics Web App in HQ 

The new Pulse Analytics Dashboard tracks and reports traffic to the search engine allowing administrators to quickly view data about interactions with the system to provide insight into use and to help tailor the search experience. Currently only accessible to those using HQ, it can be accessed using the HQ drop down menu. Alternatively, Pulse is hosted on the same port as HQ, but at the path “/pulse” instead of “/app”, by default.

ESRI Format Improvements

Improvements were made to ArcGIS Pro file format indexing to include support for ArcGIS Pro Project files (.aprx) and ArcGIS compressed layer files (.lpkx). Additionally, we’ve added the “Open in ArcGIS Pro” functionality to open these file formats directly from Navigo in ArcGIS Pro. 

Spellcheck Pipeline Step Eliminates Errors  

This release includes a new Spellcheck Pipeline Step that corrects misspelled words in fields that contain text. This feature augments Voyager’s existing NLP/OCR features in Server and HQ. 

New Twitter Connector

We’ve added a Twitter connector that allows users to index tweets, retweets, location details, usernames, and other information. 

Library Upgrades 

This release also includes security patch upgrades for third party libraries, including Apache libraries such as Log4J, and Apache Solr. For more details, please contact support@voyagersearch.com.

Additional Enhancements:

  • Pulse improvements were made to:

    • Export functionality

    • User info and interactions 

  • Improvements have been made to the way log files are generated to ensure they are compressed and the space used is optimized 

  • Added options to sort the Filters list by value and to search by text contained


  • Improvements made to notification emails (Jason)

  • Added a “Last Indexed” field to indicate when a repository was last indexed 

Bug Fixes Include: 


  • Locations under filters getting displayed as IDs instead of names 

  • Issue when using multiple OR filters when searching 

  • File downloads failing when the file name includes a comma 

  • Bug with the Clip Data processing task that was causing the task to fail 


  • Fixes for the ElasticSearch connector

    • Bad request error 

    • ‘Memory not found’ error

  • Issue with starting HQ when internal authentication is disabled

  • Bug with logging settings on HQ not getting updated on remote Agents

  • HTTP client setting change not getting updated on remote Agents 

  • Number format error message when indexing PostGIS records

  • Cloud connectors extracting files multiple times

  • UI fixes to:

    • The custom gazetteer page 

  • OCR indexing with HQ failing to extract text from PDFs 

  • Bug with Azure blob file with undefined name/title not adopting the default file name

  • Fix for the Copy fields from Gazetteer pipeline step


NOTE: For our Windows users, we are aware of a security warning during installation (see below). We have contacted Microsoft and this issue should be resolved shortly. To continue installation, please click More info Run anyway